What Do We Do?

Momo theatreMomo theatreWe are a friendly, flexible organisation producing presentations, workshops and shows.

Over the last ten years, MOMO Theatre has gained an impressive reputation for providing effective, educational and entertaining productions all over the UK.

We have performed in schools, workplaces and at outdoor events. Much of our experience has been in the area of sustainability and the environment, but we can create a show to be performed anywhere, to make anyone enthusiastic about any topic.



MOMO Theatre is dedicated to practicing what we preach.
There’s more details about our green credentials here.

But whatever your message and whoever you want to hear it, we can create shows that are highly effective in informing, educating and encouraging behavioural change.

We have performed theatre in schools to get children enthusiastic about difficult subjects such as healthy eating. We have provided shows in workplaces to get staff motivated to change their behaviour in areas such as energy efficiency. We have entertained the general public stimulating them to thinking about important issues such as climate change.

We have a large list of comments and testimonials from those who have used us over the years. In short, we provide shows to be performed anywhere, to make anyone enthusiastic about any topic!

We are also doing everything we can to be environmentally friendly – like using electricity from renewable energy and using waste chip oil to fuel our vehicle. For full details have a look here.

What Have We Been Up To?

Founder member, Chris Michael receives a Millennium Commission Award to produce a science / arts show about environmentally friendly building.
Chris Michael becomes Director of Outdoor Performance at Legoland Windsor. Following this, he creates a series of environmentally themed shows and walkabout performances for MOMO Theatre, suitable for festivals and outdoor events.
The company produces its first schools show about energy and pollution. Cambridge City Council asks the company to produce another schools show, about recycling.
The recycling shows are a huge success and are now developed for a range of venues. Chris Michael works as part of the Circus Space Corporate Education programme, working as a workshop leader with Coca Cola, Orange, Unilever, Proctor and Gamble.
Sustainable transport shows are created.
The first workplace shows cause delight in council offices.
The healthy eating show for schools is launched.
East Hertfordshire District Council commission a Citizenship Show for schools. A special Health & Safety show is made for North Norfolk’s Green Build event.
Green Build event commissions "Environmental Decorating" Show!
Changed company vehicle to bio-diesel, using waste chip oil
Changed electricity tariff to 100% renewables

Organised the first major workplace energy programme - getting immediate reductions of up to 45%

Adapted our sustainable transport show to have the option for more road safety content

Energy and Climate Change shows created specifically for primary and secondary schools.

Company Policy on Using Theatre as Education

The company believes that to really engage people with any issue, you must first make friends, and then make the message personal to their situation.

For an individual to begin learning or changing their behaviour, they must be willing to learn or change – and there is no better way to make someone open to your message than by making them laugh.

Once they are on your side, and can see your message is relevant to them, both children and adults have a great appetite for information.




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