How Does MOMO Theatre Care for the Environment?

Our Touring Vehicle

As a touring theatre company, we travel all over the country. So the biggest proportion of our carbon footprint is caused by our vehicle emissions.

After a lot of research, we found out that a diesel would be more fuel-efficient for long journeys than a hybrid vehicle. Unfortunately, the electric motor on a hybrid wouldn’t be in use often enough during long journeys.

It was recommended that we should use bio-diesel. This is diesel from made from plants – so the plants soak up greenhouse gases as they grow.

But there is a serious issue with bio-diesel: if it is farmed on a large scale, the amount of land for food agriculture, particularly in poorer countries, may be diminished. So, we decided to use bio-diesel from 100% waste oil from chip fryers etc.

All the waste oil is collected, processed and sold locally (within a few miles of our company base) – so it doesn’t have to be transported round the world.

Electricity Use

None of our shows require electricity.

MOMO Theatre is run from a home office – so there’s no extra heating or lighting needed. And all the lightbulbs are low-energy ones.

We have switched our electricity supply to a 100% renewable energy tariff.

Waste Reduction

Thanks to the internet and emails, we only use paper for invoices, and teachers’ packs. All the paper we use is recycled.
We haven’t had a publicity brochure printed for about 3 years. When we did, and if we have to again, we use soya-based inks on recycled paper.

Our shows are extremely light on props and create hardly any waste. What waste we do create is very minimal – and all of that is recyclable or compostable.

If there’s anything you think we could do, please let us know.



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