Schools Workshops

Our workshops are for children to explore the social impact of themes.
Using theatre games and role play, children explore how issues affect individuals and communities.

What's it like?

An hour of creative theatre activities and discussions based on a theme.

Children will get a chance to work alone and in groups. They will work towards creating a short scene based on the chosen theme.

In a workshop about recycling children decided to create a newsround report focussing on the opposing views of people who live near landfill sites and people who think recycling schemes are a waste of money.
In a workshop about wind power, a show play was created about a confrontation between local residents who did not want a wind farm and people who lived near a traditional power station.

What age group are workshops suitable for?

We can provide workshops for children in Key Stage 2 and 3. We like to teach groups of about 20 children.

How long is it?

Workshops usually last an hour.

What does the school need to provide?

There are no technical requirements, so we just need a large area like a clear school hall and some children!


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