The Man from the Council

What's it like?
Pupils are encouraged to believe they are watching a serious presentation from an “expert”. But as his talk continues, his attempts to be serious are undermined by an anarchic assistant.

The show is a mixture of humour and education, specifically designed for secondary school years 7 and 8 - communicating a large amount of information in a very subtle way.

At the end of the show, there is a plenary session in the style of a memory game.

What's it about?
The show can cover a number of topics depending on what you want.
Topics can include:

Fossil fuels – the effects of pollution– the role of plants – sinks and sources – climate change – renewable energy – energy efficiency – sustainable transport.

What age group is the show suitable for?
Secondary School Years 7 and 8. (Children aged 11-13 years.)

How Long is it?
45 minutes.

Anything else?
Each show is accompanied by a teachers pack with detailed background information, follow-up ideas and activities.

“Universally acclaimed. Unreservedly recommendable.” – Assistant Headteacher, Langdon, Comprehensive School, London Borough of Newham.


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